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The Devils Use A Curse
To Become Champions

The Detroit Devils are the Fantasy Bowl III Champions. Both teams showed up to play for the big game, but the difference in the game was the receivers. Jimmy "Chickenshake" Smith and Randy Moss combined for 66 points in the Fantasy Bowl. For the Trim, their big time receiver, Cris Carter, lead all receivers in wins in 1999 with an 11-4 record. But when it counted, he had only 8 points and is officially labeled with the "Cris Carter Curse." He has been on the losing side of the first three Fantasy Bowls. Arizona absolutely dominated Dallas for a third place finish on the year in the Bronze Bowl. Denver edged Boston in the Aussie Bowl on a strong performance from Chris Chandler. Despite the bowl game loss, Boston has to be happy with the amazing free agent pick-up of Kurt Warner. He was a huge surprise to even start for Boston who took Steve Young, the 1998 MVP, with the first overall pick in the draft. Warner finished with a record of 12-2. The Spirit of St. Louis had an incredible post season. They put up 451 points in the final 3 weeks, and hardly seem worthy of the name Jabroni, despite winning the inaugural Jabroni Bowl. Included in that 451 points is an off the charts week 15 performance, where the Spirit put up 208 points, the highest score in FFL History. Finally, in a game of first to worst, the Toilet Bowl consisted of a match-up of last years Fantasy Bowl teams. The Surge literally went from first to worst and the Penguins went from 2nd best to 2nd worst. That certainly was not the rematch either team intended.