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Three's Company Too, Anchorage Triumphant for Trifecta

Fantasy Bowl XIX featured #1 vs. #2. It was the hottest team in the league vs. the team with the best record. When the dust settled on Sunday, the Ice Knights could call themselves champions for the third time. #2 Anchorage defeated #1 Atlanta 110 to 100. The title makes them the second team to have 3 championships. Anchorage finished the 2015 season on an 8 game winning streak which is the most to ever end a season. It is Anchorage's second title in four years. The loss for Atlanta stopped them from winning an unprecedented fourth title and their 9-game bowl game winning streak. The Fantasy Bowl was nail biting throughout the whole day. The Ice Knights got off to a fantastic start from their leader in Big Ben who led all Fantasy Bowl scorers with 38 points. Matt Ryan was just as good with 31 points with most of his points going to Fantasy Bowl MVP, Julio Jones, who was second for the Jesters in scoring. Atlanta's McFadden was 8 rushing yards from a rushing bonus and Green was 1 catch from a reception bonus which would prove to be pivotal. After the 1 o'clock games the scoreboard showed Atlanta leading 81 to 78 with 4 players left compared to 3 for Anchorage. At that point, it looked as if the Jesters were in the driving seat for the trophy. As it would be, the Cardinals-Seahawks game proved to be turning point. Seattle turned the game into a blowout putting the game out of hand and thus rendering David Johnson useless. On the kicking end of that game, Catanzaro missed an extra point and then missed a 51 yard field goal to close the first half. He would end the day with -2 points and seemingly any momentum for the Jesters. It felt as if the intangibles won the trophy for the Ice Knights. Gano and Carolina D duo had 23 points compared to 5 points for Catanzaro and Denver D. Gates did get a touchdown for Atlanta but that would summarize his production. In the end, Anchorage came away with the title on a very successful 13-win season.

The Bronze Bowl saw something that has never happened before. The Devils exercised their bowl demons and defeated the Diamonds. Detroit was 0-3 in bowl games versus Denver. The Devils won by 3 points to also join the 10-win club with the Diamonds. Denver won the award for Best Playoff Team despite losing 2 of their 3 post season games. The Aussie Bowl was simply for bragging rights because the Pistons had already locked up "The Bet". It didn't matter as Chicago nearly doubled up Fort Wayne and experienced their version of the perfect football weekend. For the first time this season, the Trim, Lions, and Wolverines all won on the same weekend. The perfect football weekend was just the cherry on top for Chicago as they added a permanent member to the team and welcomed Claire Addison to the family. The Overrated Bowl truly settled who was overrated. Tampa Bay won the matchup over North Dakota to pick up their first post season win and hand the Nimrods a winless post season. Cam Newton won the Player of the Week and outscored Tom Brady who was the offensive player of the year. Despite having that 38 point cushion at QB, the Nimrods were outscored by the Blizzard 95 to 41. North Dakota finished the season with only 6 wins despite being a playoff team. The Jabroni Bowl featured the Reign finishing a perfect post season over the Rattlesnakes. Raleigh has a post season record of 20-7 and defeated their first Polley in a bowl game. San Fran finished the season with only 5 wins, their lowest total since the 2000 and had 7 divisional losses. The Toilet Bowl was a complete blowout. The Hooligans showed some grit and resembled a good team by being the second highest scoring team for the week. Sterling Heights avoided a winless post season giving them their 3rd post season win in the last 4 seasons. The Surge on the other hand went from worst to first. It was a long fall from a 12-win championship season to a 4-win Toilet Bowl losing season.