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Surge Resurrected, Add Second Title

The San Diego Surge are back! And so is the classic citrus-flavored soda with a kick. What seems like an eternity, San Diego waited 16 long, tumultuous years before winning their second championship by defeating Denver 114-70 in Fantasy Bowl XVIII. They can actually celebrate by chugging their favorite drink because it is now available after being on the shelf for 12 years. Early from the start on Sunday, it looked as if the Surge were destined to win. Demarco Murray made the biggest impact taking home Fantasy Bowl MVP honors outscoring his opponent, Alfred Morris 28-5. Drew Brees overcame 3 INTs to finish the day with 19 points. Frank Gore proved to the fantasy world that he still has it, rushing for 144 yards in the season finale with 300 yards coming in the last two weeks. The top three (Brees, Murray, and Gore) was enough to beat the entire Diamonds team by 1 point. San Diego was the most consistent team in the playoffs. They scored 126, 116, and 114 points for each week in the post season. The post season scoring was way down from the regular season, dropping off by 14 points per game for a team. The Surge had it easy in the playoffs with their opponents failing to break the 100 point barrier in each game. They join Chicago, Anchorage, Denver, and Atlanta as teams with multiple titles. San Diego becomes the fifth #4 seed to win it all which is second only to the #1 seed with 7 titles. Despite losing the White Divisional Championship in Week 14, San Diego becomes only the second team since 2008 to win it all as a wild card team. Denver lost another Fantasy Bowl in blowout fashion. They worsened their record in the big game to 2-3 with losses of 100, 53, and now 44 points. They own the three lowest Fantasy Bowl scores with point totals of 42, 70, and 71. However, they still remain as the only team to win back-to-back titles and are tied for second with 5 Fantasy Bowl appearances.

Tampa Bay defeated Sterling Heights to the take the Crayola Bronze Bowl. It was an ugly affair with only one player scoring more than 20 points but 10 of the 16 players went for double digits. Cam Newton made his season debut scoring 22 points to lead all scorers. Once again, if Tampa Bay would have gotten past the semifinals, they would have won it all. The Blizzard finished the season with 14 wins which is the most of any team not to win a title. Anchorage crushed San Francisco in the Aussie Bowl by 76 points. Odell Beckham had another huge game at the end the season. It was good enough to be Playoff MVP and earn the Most Explosive Player of the Year Award. The Ice Knights would have been crowned the champion if it wasn't for a poor, last hour, decision to sit Eddie Lacy in Week 15. The late push added up to Coach of the Year honors. The Rattlesnakes again go into the off season with the longest championship drought of 17 years. The Chicago Trim finally picked up their first post season win in the Overrated Bowl. It marks the 18th straight season where they have won at least one post season game. Eli Manning and Lamar Miller were the unlikely heroes for the Trim contributing 63 points. On the losing end, Fort Wayne lost their fourth straight bowl game. One week removed from winning the Player of the Week award, Kyle Orton finished the season and his career. The Pistons had a terrific ground game in the post season going for 50, 52, 49 points respectively. It wasn't enough however as they could only muster just one post season win. Atlanta continued their Week 17 dominance as they won their 9th straight bowl game. They destroyed Raleigh in the Jabroni Bowl. The win means they have finished their last two post seasons undefeated. The Reign came into this contest undefeated in the post season as well. They certainly laid an egg in this game but they still own the best post season record among active teams with a 17-7 record. With all the troubles they had at QB this season, it must be somewhat satisfying that they ended up with the best draft pick of Ryan Tannehill in the 11th Round. The Toilet Bowl had North Dakota defeating Detroit to take home the Mike Pearcy trophy. The Nimrods won their second game of the season to only tie the 2010 Fargo Chippers for the worst record ever. The Devils finished the season losing 4 straight games and 9 of their last 10 games. In week 14, they had a chance to make the playoffs. Instead, they finished the season in last place. It marks only the second time ever that both teams in the Toiler Bowl scored at least 100 points.