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Atlanta Survives "The Ultimate

Polley Bowl" For Their Third Title

The biggest "Polley Bowl" ever did not disappoint. The #1 Jesters and #6 Rattlesnakes played for all the bragging rights and the contest was decided by a single point. Atlanta held on to beat San Francisco 99 to 98 in the closest Fantasy Bowl in history. It broke the record of 4 points that was done twice, first in 2003 between Montana and San Francisco and then again in 2008 between Denver and Detroit. The championship gives Atlanta their third championship, the first team to have a trio of titles. They first won in 2004, then again in 2009, and finally in 2013. The Jesters are a perfect 3-0 in the title game. On the other side, San Francisco was literally seconds away from ending the longest championship drought in the league. The Rattlesnakes have not won since 1997. They have lost the title game 4 times coming in 1998, 2003, 2007, and now 2013. The Fantasy Bowl played out with some surprising results. Atlanta won the championship because of their intangibles. Tom Brady had a bad afternoon netting 12 points. Their dynamic rookie RBs combined for 21 points and their elite WRs scored 19 points. The intangibles of Graham, Prater, and Seattle D combined for 47 points, nearly half of their total. Jimmy Graham won Fantasy Bowl MVP by outscoring Heath Miller by 17 points. It was a strong finish to an excellent season for Graham who finished 11-4 and 6th all time for most points by a tight end, despite not starting two games. San Francisco got a good defensive outing with Cincinnati D grabbing 16 points. Frank Gore, who was traded for, was a complete bust in the Fantasy Bowl with 1 point. Going into Sunday Night Football, the Rattlesnakes needed 61 points to take home the title. After the first half of play it seemed like it was going to happen because Foles and McCoy combined for 3 TDs. But as the game played out the Eagles passing offense stalled. McCoy ran the ball 27 times with 17 carries in the 2nd half. Foles on the other hand only completed 5 passes in the 2nd half with only one reception going to DeSean Jackson. The deciding moment was when Bryce Brown picked up a rushing TD with 6:09 left to play in the game. If McCoy had that carry, the Rattlesnakes would have won. Instead, Atlanta ended the season as champion, sweeping the Polley Bowl, winning 9 of their last 10 games, and ending as the 5th highest scoring team ever capping off one of the greatest seasons in this league's history.

The Bronze Bowl featured perhaps the greatest quarterback matchup, Drew Brees (MVP) versus Peyton Manning (Offensive Player of the Year). In this game, Brees scored 54 points while Manning scored 47 points in just one half of work. That was pretty much Denver's team as they could only add 45 more points to their total. Peyton's phenomenal season set a new record with 754 points. Drew Brees' total of 630 was the 6th best total all time. Tampa Bay may have finished 3rd but was left wondering "what if". What if the Blizzard did not change their lineup subbing Antonio Brown in for Eric Decker in Week 16? If that were the case, then Tampa Bay would be the champions of the league. The Aussie Bowl featured Detroit and North Dakota who opened the season facing each other. In nearly identical fashion, the Devils won the game by 18 points. The victory snapped a 5 game bowl streak and gave Detroit a 10 win season in back-to-back seasons. The Nimrods finished the season on a 4 game losing streak and obviously went winless in their first post season. The Overrated Bowl looked like a carbon copy of the 2012 Fantasy Bowl. Anchorage and Chicago put on a show in a high scoring affair. The Ice Knights again had the Trim's number as they won 143 to 140. Anchorage finished the season with 2 more wins and 102 more points but could not duplicate the magic run they had last year. Chicago was cursed with an unlucky season finishing with the 6th worst points against all-time. The Jabroni Bowl had Raleigh beat Fort Wayne 86 to 76. The Reign found great success via the running game with Spiller having his best game of the season. Complimenting him was Ryan Mathews who scored 75 points in this year's post season. The Pistons fell victim of having Jamaal Charles resting for the NFL playoffs. He lost the RB scoring title to McCoy by 9 points. And finally the Toilet Bowl featured the two teams that struggled the most throughout the season. The rubber match proved that the Hooligans were 13 points better than the Surge. Sterling Heights and San Diego finished the season with just 3 wins. Only 1 team has ever finished will less.