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Two Surprise Fantasy Bowl

Teams Put On A Great Show

In what is hands down the worst Fantasy Bowl in history in terms of the seeding, records, and points scored between the two teams, Fantasy Bowl XVI turned out to be one of the most exciting ones ever. In fact, the #7 and #8 seed put up the highest point total in the history of the big game, edging the 2004 game by a mere 1 point. It was also the 4th closest Fantasy Bowl ever. The Anchorage Ice Knights capped off their unlikely journey to a championship after being only the second #8 seed to even make it to the finals, and the first ever to win it all. They defeated the Chicago Trim 156-141. The Trim, who were only the second #7 seed to ever make it to the finals as well, put up a game performance. The most impressive performances coming from their running game, which had been the worst in the league all year. DeAngelo Williams' 48 point showing actually gave him Fantasy Bowl MVP honors, all be it in a losing effort. Anchorage countered with 54 out of Alfred Morris who managed a 200 yard day. Michael Crabtree also had a great game, putting up 39 as a #2 receiver. For the Ice Knights it is their second championship, their last coming back in 2003. Perhaps more importantly, it ends a bit of a post season slump for Anchorage, who hadn't won a play-off game since 2006. The Trim can hang their hats on the fact that they made it to three straight Fantasy Bowls, and they are the first to ever do that. However, had they won all three of those games, we'd be talking about a potential dynasty. Onto other games, the Bronze Bowl was a blow out, with Adrian Peterson capping off an incredible year by single handedly beating 7 of the Piston's players combined. Fort Wayne must be thankful that they had Drew Brees just so that they avoided getting tripled. The Rattlesnakes had a great season and led the league in points. Unfortunately for them, most of the few losses they had were very critical losses. Both Denver and Detroit had stellar regular seasons, but they both have to be disappointed with finishing in the Aussie Bowl. That did not stop them from putting on a show. The Diamonds did slip by the Devils in the contest 147-145, in the highest scoring Aussie Bowl ever. It was the third time this bowl game was settled by a margin of 2 points of fewer. Atlanta and Indianapolis certainly looked to fit the name of their game, as they had the lowest scoring Overrated Bowl since the inaugural year. I'm sure we all remember that epic battle, with the final of Randy 57 Al 36. Atlanta did pull out the W in this years version of the bowl, giving the Inbreds their first winless post season. Tampa Bay's 2012 Quarterback carousel finally came to an end with Colin Kaepernick. However, he had to face off against the first overall draft pick, and Aaron Rodgers' 50 point day was more than enough to put the Reign on top in the Jabroni Bowl. The Toilet Bowl match-up lived up to its billing as two Toilet Bowl veterans squared off. San Diego and Fargo have combined for 9 appearances in this bowl, which makes up 28 percent of the total entries all time. The number 9 also is the number of players for these teams that scored 4 points or less in this game. At least Eli Manning and Demaryius Thomas showed up to play, which was enough for San Diego to come out ahead for the first time in the Toilet Bowl.

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