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A Lion Leads Indianapolis To

The Pinnacle For The First Time

Every Fantasy Bowl is expected to make history, and Fantasy Bowl XV was no different. However, this one did not just make history because it was the first ever rematch of a previous Fantasy Bowl. It did not just make history because the Indianapolis Inbreds won their first ever FFL title, making 12 different champions in the 15 year history of the league. History was made when the Fantasy Bowl saw it's greatest individual performance ever. With his 69 point performance, Matthew Stafford fell just 3 points shy of tying the all time mark for most points by anyone in FFL history. He shattered the old Fantasy Bowl record of 52, which was held by Tiki Barber and Jamaal Charles. There's no doubt that the Lions had a major impact on this Fantasy Bowl, both good and bad. Chicago made a critical mistake benching Calvin Johnson just moments before the start of the game for Jabar Gaffney. Gaffney scored just 2 points as opposed to what would have been 50 for Calvin, which would have been enough for a one point Trim victory. In the Bronze Bowl, Ray Rice managed to earn player of the week honors for Tampa Bay, but it was not enough to overcome the Chippers, who won 112-108. The Raleigh Reign had Vick, Nelson, and Gronkowski each break 30 points in their trouncing of the Surge in the Aussie Bowl. Their 176 points in that game is the highest to ever be scored in a bowl game in FFL history. Detroit's season continued to fall apart. The loss of their running game was a crushing blow and they lost to the Jesters in the Overrated Bowl to complete an 0-3 post season. In fact, the entire Blue division finished the post season 1-11, with the only win coming when two Blue division teams faced each other. On the opposite end of that spectrum, the Diamonds joined the Inbreds in the Red division in having an undefeated post season. Those franchises lead the Red Division to a 10-2 post season record. The Diamonds trounced Anchorage 133-84, giving them 6 straight 100 point performances to end the season. It's no coincidence that they added Drew Brees and Victor Cruz to their roster right before those last 6 games. San Francisco won their second ever Toilet Bowl, although they likely did not deserve to be there. The team finished 5th in the league in scoring. Their victory over Fort Wayne caused the Pistons to lose out on their chance to win their 4th consecutive Toilet Bowl.

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