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Banner Year for the Trim
Chicago Wins 2nd Title

The Chicago Trim beat the Denver Diamonds 124-71 in Fantasy Bowl XIV. This is Chicago's second title since winning their first one in 2001. The Trim capped a dominating post season run where they scored 127, 144, and 120 points winning by an average of 45 points. It gave them the three highest scores in the post season if you take out San Francisco's 170 points in the Foster's Aussie Bowl. Chicago won their second title rather easily getting double digit performances from everyone on the roster but Vincent Jackson. They were led in scoring by Michael Bush who was this year's Fantasy Bowl MVP. He filled in for an injured Darren McFadden for his first start of the season. The stars seemed aligned for Chicago to win the top prize. First, they had the easiest path playing the three lowest seeds. Second, they had the lowest points against total of all the playoff teams with 260 points. Third, they were on the right side of one trade when it mattered most and picked up some of Denver's scraps just before the trade deadline. Fourth, Chicago had a hand in Denver getting to the post season and consequently they upset their biggest competition in the first round. Now, back to the trade. In week 8, Chicago traded Wes Welker and Cedric Benson to Denver for Brandon Marshall and DeAngelo Williams. The deal favored the Diamonds until the post season. DeAngelo Williams never played and was placed on injured reserve. Brandon Marshall was a bust until the post season where his best game was 11 points. In the meantime, Wes Welker never started but added great depth at wide receiver. Cedric Benson had a workmanlike average of 13.5 points for a 6-week period. And then the shift happened in week 17. Denver was dominated by injuries at receiver and was forced to start Welker even though he was a healthy scratch. The Patriots held him out probably from fear after blowing out his knee last year in a meaningless week 17 game. Benson had a bad match-up versus the mythical Ravens Defense which got the Diamonds into the post season. Marshall nearly had a 100 yard game on 5 catches and Bush scored 32 points. It all added up and Chicago won by 53 points. Denver's loss makes them 2-2 in the big game and boy when they lose, they lose big. The Diamonds finish the season below .500 but made the finals as the first #8.

Elsewhere in the league, the defending champion Jesters finish the season third after beating Raleigh in their first playoff action. Atlanta won their 5th consecutive bowl, which is a record. Even with 2 post season losses, Raleigh finishes with a winning record and a franchise best 11 win season. San Francisco set the post season high as they went off with 170 points in the Aussie Bowl versus Montana. If they were not upset in round 1 of the playoffs, the Rattlesnakes would have been celebrating a second championship. The Grizzly Bears finish the season 9-8 without averaging 100 points for the season. Indianapolis took advantage of a vulnerable Tampa Bay team to win the Overrated Bowl. It was a 4 win improvement from 2009's dismal season. The Blizzard would like to forget that second half of the season. It has to be mentioned again they started 9-0 and finished 10-7. San Diego completed a perfect post season winning the Jabroni Bowl. It is their third undefeated post season. Detroit had a good post season as well but was on the losing side. The Devils never could string 3 wins together all season going 0-3 in their attempts. And winners of the Toilet Bowl for the third consecutive year were the Fort Wayne Pistons. Despite no scoring from their QB, TE, or PK they still managed to win. The Pistons are 4-0 in non-playoff qualifying bowl games. Fargo loses their first Toilet Bowl ever after starting their career 3-0. The Chippers finished the season at 2-15 and set a new record of futility eclipsing the 2005 Tampa Bay Blizzard record of 3-14.