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The Jesters Prove Themselves
As One Of The Best

The Jesters have often been considered one of the best franchises in FFL. What better way to state your case than to add your teams name to the very short list of 2 time FFL champions. And that is just what they did against the Blizzard. Jamaal Charles went for 52 in the fantasy bowl to help blow the storm away. That actually was enough to beat everyone on Tampa Bay's team aside from Roethlisberger, but Tony Romo beat him. The other 6 players for the Jesters just added padding. Now Atlanta has finished off a great season. The 14-3 record should put the '09 Jesters amongst the best single season teams in FFL history as well. They also set the high score in bowl week. The rest of the league averaged only 91 points. The Surge finished off the season with a Bronze Bowl victory over San Francisco. It was their 4th appearance in that game, but their first victory. Neither team were strangers to being in the final four. They have combined for 12 final four appearances now. Chicago just edged out Fargo in this year's closest bowl game. They got the win with no help from their passing game, with Warner, Bowe, and Edwards combining for 1 point. The Diamonds and Devils downgraded from the Fantasy Bowl to the Overrated Bowl, but the result was the same. Denver wins in a close one. Raleigh entered the Jabroni Bowl against Montana with a 6-2 record in the post season. But there are two things they had never accomplished. The had never won a bowl game and never made the play-offs. Well, their accomplished the first against the Grizzly Bears, but will have to try for the second part of that next year. The Toilet Bowl guaranteed this year that some part of Indiana was going to get flushed. Fort Wayne made sure it wouldn't be them. Or perhaps Indianapolis made sure they would be flushed with such a poor performance. Frank Gore accounted for more than half of the Inbreds points as they were trounced by the Pistons 108-67.