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FINALLY...Denver Wins It All

The Denver Diamonds beat the San Francisco Rattlesnakes 119-96. The Diamonds becomes the 11th different champion in the 11 year history of the league. The title game matched the two top teams from the White Division where the Rattlesnakes won the regular season divisional crown. The championship victory gave Denver 3 wins over San Francisco this year, an impressive stat. The Diamonds had decent performances across the board except for at running back. San Francisco should not feel too bad for being runners-up. They set a new record for their 4th finals appearance. Fargo closed their unbelievable season with a convincing win over Indianapolis in the Bronze Bowl. If the Chippers had won the game versus the Diamonds last week, they would be celebrating a championship. Brady and Moss were a lethal combination that nearly won Fargo every game this year. Atlanta defeated Chicago relatively easily in the Aussie Bowl. Atlanta entered the playoffs as the 5 seed and finished the season as the 5th. The Trim after setting the all-time largest post season victory last week, fell way short in this game. New York added to Bloomington's bad luck handing them their 6th straight loss in the Overrated Bowl. The Torch remain perfect in bowl games. Detroit ended Santa Fe's winning streak and capped off a perfect post season in the Jabroni Bowl. And finally the Grizzly Bears won their first attempt at the Toilet Bowl over Tampa Bay. The loss gives Tampa Bay their second last place finish in 3 years. Montana notched their first post season win with the victory.