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Another New Champion As New York Wins

The tradition continues of having a new champion every year. The New York Torch won Woodhaven Fantasy X. They beat the Montana Grizzly Bears 122 to 84. There were many doubters at the draft what the rookie could accomplish, but those disbelievers were wrong. The Torch rode their work horse Steven Jackson in the post-season scoring over 50 points twice. On the losing side, Montana should not feel bad for losing. They finished the season with the most points scored and the best record. The Bears now share the record for most final appearances with three. In the brozne bowl, the defending champions finished third. This was largely due to the possible last Tiki Barber game ever. San Francisco just missed out on his 4th trip to the finals, but still had a successful season nonetheless. Indianapolis had a very good showing holding off Fargo in the Aussie Bowl by 2 points. It was the most exciting bowl game of the year. Tampa Bay whomped on Denver's losing ways in the post season this year. After losing their first 12 games of the season, the San Diego Surge won 4 out of its last 5 games. They defeated the Chicago Trim who almost overcame a 0-5 start to the season but fell just short of making the playoffs on the last week. Atlanta won Toilet Bowl defeating the Detroit Devils 125 to 80. It was their first time in the game, but they won easily. Detroit finished the season on 9 straight losses which is the 4th longest losing streak ever.