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The Pistons Are Crowned As The Champs

In their 4th season in Fantasy Football, the Fort Wayne Pistons have become the champions. Their running game, which lead them all season long, scored 79 of their 142 points in their complete bashing of the Denver Diamonds. For Denver, this was the closest they have been in 9 years of play, but once again, after a very bismal showing, they will have to say, maybe next year. Still, no one has ever held the trophy more than once in this league. Onto other bowl games, Indianapolis has still never beaten the Cobras, as Phoenix picked up a 3rd place overall finish in the Bronze Bowl by a score of 93-70. The Rattlesnakes finished off a solid season by soundly beating the Jesters in the Foster's Aussie Bowl. Chicago continued their dominance in their big rivalry with Montgomery, and did it in convincing fashion as they set the high score for the week in the Overrated Bowl. Montana beat Detroit in the Jabroni Bowl to finish 3-0 in the postseason, despite a sub par season for the team that had made it to two straight Fantasy Bowl's prior. Last, and perhaps least, the Fargo Chippers tied the record for most Toilet Bowl victories with 3, and set the record for most in a row by making them consecutive, while Tampa Bay showed that they deserved to be in that game, scoring a mere 30 points, the lowest score for any team on the season.