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Congrats To The Grizzly Bears

After years of hard work, dedication, and many...MANY transactions, it has all finally paid off for the great state of Montana. They have their first Fantasy Football Championship. The four seed Grizzly Bears upset the impressive San Francisco Rattlesnakes in Fantasy Bowl VII. Both teams put in a good team effort with no stand out stars. No one scored more than 21 points in the championship. Fort Wayne's loss of Clinton Portis hurt, and it showed in a loss to Detroit in the Bronze Bowl, but all four final teams deserve lots of credit for some really good seasons. The rookie finished off a good start in the Aussie Bowl with a win over the defending champion Cobras. Tampa Bay made Hollywood look really overrated when the final score was posted. Tomlinson ended the year with 52 points and had the highest point total for anyone in the league in only his third season. Atlanta thrashed Denver handing them only their second bowl game loss in 7 years. Ahman Green, Domanick Davis, and Chris Chambers combined for 103 of Atlanta's 120 points. And last but not least, Fargo, after a rough season, made sure that Chicago knew that they were a complete bust, when the Chippers won Toilet Bowl VII. Fargo did have a bright spot in picking up the best free agent in the league, Anquan Boldin. For Chicago, it ends their streak of going to every other Fantasy Bowl, despite picking themselves to finish second in their preseason picks.