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The Cobras Cap Off
A Near Perfect Season

The Phoenix Cobras have won Fantasy Bowl VI behind the help of some unlikely heros. Chad Pennington and William Green combined for 67 points, as they beat the Fargo Chippers 107-90 in the first Fantasy Bowl for either team. The Cobras needed the help, since their studs underperformed. Their top 4 players had averaged 72 points on the season and had only 32 in the finals. It was a great effort by Fargo, who had beaten Phoenix just 3 weeks prior to hand the Cobras their one and only loss of the season. The Chipper running backs, Charlie Garner and Tiki Barber, put up 66 in the big game. The Devils and Stars both pulled off first round upsets, which got them to the Bronze Bowl. Unfortunately for the Stars, that game was a blow out due to Clinton Portis' 45 point day. The last two FFL champions had a close battle in the Aussie Bowl, as Chicago barely got by Tampa Bay, 96-91. For the third time in four years, the Denver Diamonds faced the Alabama Regulator's franchise, and for the third time, they came out victorious. Unfortunately for both teams, this time it was in the Toilet Bowl. The Diamonds regained the trophy that was named after their owner and became 3 time Toilet Bowl champions.