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Risk And Reward As Chicago
Overcomes Previous Bowl Failures

Prior to week 15, four members of FFL got together and played in a game of Risk and discussed their upcoming play-off games. Apparently, playing risk is good luck, as each of them made it to the final four. Chicago then beat Manhattan to make the finals and Huntsville defeated Denver in one of the best games of the post season. So, the Trim, with league MVP Jimmy Smith, faced the Hicks and offensive player of the year, Kurt Warner. Jimmy and Chicago got the better end of it as they won Fantasy Bowl V, the first ever bowl game victory for Chicago. This capped off a great 15-2 season for the Trim, and Rich Gannon looked great despite being the last pick in the first round. The Diamonds got a big win in the Bronze Bowl over Manhattan, and Marshall Faulk of the Diamonds clinched his third straight play-off MVP award. There was a new bowl game called the PS2 bowl and fittingly, it pitted 2 new teams against each other. Manitoba beat Honolulu to finish off an improbable season. The Mealanders' victory tied them with Honolulu and Denver for the second best record in FFL at 11-6. The Mealanders also won the NFC West, even though they finished 13th in points scored out of the 16 teams...the largest sized league in FFL history. The NFC regular season champion Phoenix Cobras ended on a trouncing of Detroit, despite falling apart in the post season when both their quarterbacks got injured. Back in week 13, Montana destroyed Yakima by 116 points, the highest total in FFL history to this point. Going into that game the teams were a combined 5-19. Neither team lost after that game and had perfect 4-0 post season records. The Monkeys finished their first FFL season with a Toilet Bowl V championship, defeating the Battle Creek Cereal Killers 100-70, and were one of only 3 teams in the final week to break 100.