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The Top Teams Bounce Back

San Francisco started off the season 6-0 despite average point totals being scored. They then took their first loss in week 7 and did not look good doing so. Since that week, they have really bounced back and looked like a team that deserves to be #1 in the league. They may still only be 5th in total points on the season, but they are the #1 team in total points over the past two weeks. Anchorage has consistently been at the top of the points scored list much of the season, but had fallen below the playoff line. They responded by putting up 171 points in week 9 and got themselves back into the playoff picture. They are far from safe, but the big divisional win helps. They may still be one game away from falling back out of the picture, but they also are only 2 games out of first place in the league's closest division. The Surge took the division lead this week outright with a win over Denver. San Diego has been looking great and now won 4 straight. The 4 game win streak is tied for the longest active streak in the league. Atlanta is the other team who has won 4 in a row. They also have taken the lead in their division by doing so. The win streak is not the only thing that the Surge and Jesters have in common. They are also the only two teams in the league who have scored over 100 points in every game this season.