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There are plenty of epic things to talk about from week 3 of the FFL season. The first of which is an epic game played by the San Francisco Rattlesnakes and Fort Wayne Pistons. Both teams put up an excellent score of 131 points, leading to the first overtime game since 2013. It was also the first overtime game under the new decimal overtime rules. The Rattlesnakes took it with a decimal score of 4.55-3.4. Those decimal points turned out to be huge in this case, as it makes San Fran one of only 2 3-0 teams. Meanwhile, the Pistons fall to 0-3 after the overtime defeat. The Los Angeles Bombers and Tampa Bay Blizzard faced off in a match up of the two teams involved in one of the most epic trades in draft day history. The high risk trade had not produced rewards to this point as both teams started the season 0-2. And for Los Angeles, the player they trades up so far to get has yet to take the field in 2018. They still managed a solid victory here, lead by a great surprise in Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Blizzard now drop to 0-3, but not all hope is lost. They will take on the Nimrods next week in a battle of the two lowest scoring teams in the league. So perhaps they can find their first victory. The Nimrods had one of the most epic defeats ever. They lost to the league's highest scoring team by 114 points. That margin fell just one point shy of making the top 5 largest margins in the 22 year history of the league. Anchorage must now look forward to Chicago next week in a battle of the two highest scoring teams. That will be the second straight epic match up for the Triumph, who had to take on the 3rd highest scoring team in week 3, the Detroit Devils. The Devils managed to put up a decent day, but the Triumph have just been unstoppable so far this season. In fact, they already have as many regular season wins as they had all last season. They also find themselves in an epic battle for the division as the Red division has both undefeated teams. Meanwhile the Blue division now has 3 of the top 4 scoring teams. The White division looks to be anybody's game as all 4 teams are in the bottom half of the league in points scored.