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Three Teams Break Out In
High Scoring Opening Week

In 2017, the average score for each team per week was 104 points. The league as a whole must have done a really good job of drafting in 2018, as 10 of the 12 teams scored 107 points or more to open the season. Three of those teams really went the extra mile with over 160 points. The top scoring team of the week was the Chicago Triumph. You heard me right, the team that only had 8 regular season wins since their revamped name is the leading scoring team in 2018. Aaron Rodgers had the highest profile day while scoring 33 points in a game where he was carted off the field and came back in more ways than one. However, he was only the third biggest score for Chicago, who had Alvin Kamara and Tyreek Hill both break 40. Even with how great both of those scores were, the highest individual score of the week goes to Drew Brees, with 51. His 439 yard performance helped lead the Anchorage Ice Knights to the second highest score of the week. The Ice Knights were aided by a running back combo that put up 58 on their way to defeating the Bombers. Los Angeles put up a good score, but you might say that they had their "Bell" rung by Anchorage's amazing week. Despite all the great performances we have already talked about, player of the week honors go to Emmanuel Sanders of the Denver Diamonds. You might say that Denver's 161 point performance was a more well rounded score. Only one player on the team did not get into double digits, but also no player broke 35 points in a week where so many players had big days. In fact, of all the week 1 starters, 13 scored 30+ points in week 1. 23 players scored 25 or more. And 63.5% of the league scored in double digits to open up the 22nd year of Woodhaven Fantasy Football.