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Due to how garbage the Co-Commish has been this season, the front page has not been updated all year. But it's long past time to take a look at where things stand as everyone makes their final push to set themselves up for a championship run. We start at those who are already in the play-offs and are just looking to improve their seeding. The Red Division looks a lot like the NFC North. One team thriving in a division full of losing teams. Atlanta is that thriving team. They clinched the division with 3 games still to play, are 4-0 in division play, and have a +/- lead of over 400 points on the next best team. Jalen Hurts came up huge on Sunday night for the Jesters to edge out the challenge from the Surge. While their scores of late have been a bit more pedestrian than they were at the season's start and despite the fact that they benefited from the leagues easiest schedule, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Jalen Hurts was drafted 66th overall, yet has the second most points of any player this season and it feels like Saquon turned back the clock a bit as he is 5th in scoring among RBs.

This week we officially settled the Blue Division. The Tampa Bay Blizzard breezed to an easy victory over a Diamonds team that had been overachieving of late. That alone would have been enough to clinch the division, but the Triumph became the victim of the Pistons getting their first win of their hapless season. Despite the loss, Chicago also has at least clinched a play-off berth. Derrick Henry has proven doubters wrong for the Blizzard after last year's injury. He has the best record among all running backs. But the biggest difference maker for this team is Travis Kelce. He has the best record of any player in the league and the next closest tight end to him in scoring is 118 points behind, a mere 56% of Kelce's totals. But Chicago has the man who throw's Kelce the ball. Patrick Mahomes has been, well, Patrick Mahomes. He leads all other players in scoring by over 90 points. And with the #1 overall pick Jonathan Taylor seemingly getting stronger with each week since his return from injury, Chicago will be a tough out for a division leader or in the 4-5 matchup of the first round, wherever he ends up.

The White Division is the only one still up for grabs. The top two teams in the division faced each other this week. Sterling Heights could have sealed the division with a win, but Josh Allen seemed to be the only Hooligan who stepped up for the big match up. Tyreek Hill suffered only his second head to head loss of the season, but has been incredible all year. The Nimrods receivers were studs as they have been all season long. But North Dakota got a nice boost from James Conner with his highest total of the season. In fact after not breaking 15 points all season prior, he has scored over 27 in 2 of the last 3 weeks. Sterling Heights still has a one game edge to try to win the White. Both teams will face other top 5 teams next week and teams fighting for the last play-off spots the following weeks. Only time will tell whether North Dakota can make up one game to take it away and get their 3rd division title.

Fort Wayne getting their first win this week was too little too late. So that leaves 6 teams attempting to fill the final 3 play-off spots. One of those spots will go to the winner of the week 13 match-up between the San Diego Surge and the San Francisco Rattlesnakes. San Diego is a 10 point favorite in this game, but they are trying to break a 4 game losing streak. San Fran has lost 3 of their last 4 in their own right. But both teams just need to win 1 of their last two to stop the bleeding enough to make the dance. Detroit only scored 87 points in week 12, but it was enough to beat Los Angeles and to currently hold the last play-off position. But any more losses could be costly as the teams behind them have an advantage in the tie breaker. They play Anchorage in week 13 and would fall behind the Ice Knights if they lose. Denver is also only a game back and plays the 1-11 Pistons this week. If Denver were to win out, they would win the tie breaker over any other team in the hunt. Los Angeles has no choice but to win out to have a chance. They would also need Denver to lose one of two and have 3 other games go their way to take the last spot, but I'm saying there's a chance. Whomever does get in will have to earn it, as the strength of schedule is similar for all 6 teams. All 6 teams have one game against a top 5 team and one against a bottom 7 team left on their schedule.