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Day Of Domination

If you were looking for close, nail biting fantasy football finishes, you may want to look away from this week. No games in week 12 were settled by less than 25 points, and the average margin of victory for the week was 42. Sterling Heights lead the way on margin of victory with an 81 point stomping of the so called Triumph. The Atlanta duo of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones scored 89 points by themselves...more than Chicago's entire team. The only larger winning margin this season was a Sterling Heights loss back in week 4. The Hooligans score was good for 3rd best on the season, yet wasn't the top score of the week. The Nimrods are making a statement that they are a force to be reckoned with in the post season...if they even get in. For the second week in a row, North Dakota put up a score that was good enough to make the top 5 for the season. In fact, they have scored more points than their previous week in 4 straight games, having no sub 100 scores in that time. They are now in 2nd place in points scored for the season, yet due to the league's worst points against, they remain 10th in the actual standings with a negative +/-. They are one of two teams who surprisingly have a negative +/-, as Tampa Bay can now make that claim as well, despite being 9-3 on the season. They don't lose often, but when they do, they lose by an average of 35 points. Robbie Anderson led the way with 36 for Fort Wayne, as they handed the Blizzard their first loss to a team not called the Surge. But that still means that all 3 of the Tampa Bay losses are divisional. San Diego lost as well though this week to keep the division and the league lead in a tie. They also seem to really lose big when they lose, as their loss to Atlanta in week 12 marked the second time this season that they have lost by 66 points. So where do all these games leave us with just two weeks until the post season? Believe it or not, every team still has a chance to make the play-offs, even though Chicago's chances are very slight as they would need 8 different games to go their way. And 10 of the teams still control their own destiny. Detroit, Fort Wayne and North Dakota are all tied for the 8th spot with 3 games to go. None will face each other. So, if they all were to win out, they would finish in a 3 way tie that would be determined by +/-. If each of those teams lose one of two and Atlanta can win out, then the Jesters would enter the equation. They might still need something extra to win a tie breaker over Detroit, but that scenario would put them ahead of Fort Wayne and North Dakota for sure. 3 teams have now clinched a spot. The Rattlesnakes, Bombers, and Diamonds would each clinch with a win this week. Sterling Heights would clinch with a win and either Detroit or North Dakota losing. And to top it all off, all three divisional titles are still up for grabs and currently tied with 2 weeks to go. It should be an interesting final run.